Deferred Regular Decision

<p>I hope so.</p>

<p>I'm in a rather odd situation actually. I've applied as a dual applicant to Music and Engineering schools. I had my interview for the Music school yesterday, and I think it went very well. Definitely not banking on admission there, but if I DO get into the school of music, an admissions lady informed me that I'd be free to take engineering courses and simply declare the 2nd major after a year.</p>

<p>Still, though, I'd really like to get into the school of engineering, if only to be able to say I did. Heh.</p>

<p>deferred, 3.8 uw with the most rigorous course load possible, 2330 SAT, OOS. michigan isn't my top choice or anything, but i was surprised they defer applicants RD. anyone know the reasoning behind this?</p>