Deferred Regular Decision

<p>I just got deferred. :/ do i hav any realistic chance in getting in later on? I sent them my grades which include a failing Calculus grade. But my counselor wrote them a letter stating why that happened. I have been working 7 hours a day for family income. My father was also out of the country for two years so I had to go in and fill in.</p>

<p>Good luck! I didnt know there was a round after early and regular?</p>

<p>deferred as well. Hope to receive something reasonably soon but from reading last years thread I dont expect anything until late late april =(</p>

<p>What school did you guys get deferred from?</p>

<p>liberal arts</p>

<p>How are you guys getting notified? Is it by email again?</p>

<p>email is what i got</p>

<p>i was deferred early action back in december and i got my acceptance letter today (about 9 days after the regular decision deadline i think?) keep your hopes up! they're sending out the second wave within the next 7-10 days, so keep checking your e-mails :)</p>

<p>Are people still finding out this late? Should I quell all nervousness for another "7-10 days"? AAAHHHHHHHH</p>

<p>deferred from engineering. :/</p>

<p>I thought a 4.0 UW and solid xcs would be enough...guess not. I did get a 2140 SAT which isn't amazing, but still.... bleh</p>

<p>Deferred from eng also...
2250 SAT 3.8 GPA good EC, good recs. So far 0/2. Flat-out rejected from Cornell and now deferred.</p>

<p>That's weird, I didn't know you could get deferred for RD.. what's the point of even telling someone they're deferred? Why not just make the actual decision later?</p>

<p>@Seahawks506 I don't get it either... is it false hope if I think that the only reason we're deferred is because they haven't seen the other apps yet and are having high hopes for the rest of the pool? I feel like their standards are pretty high this year.</p>

<p>deferred for liberal arts, fingers crossed,</p>

<p>2110 sat 3.69w gpa oos applicant :/</p>

<p>got deferred from chem engineering 4.1 gpa, 32 ACT =(</p>

<p>Also got deferred =(</p>

<p>3.8 UW and 2140</p>

<p>@SoccerWolfP I was accepted, but I think deferring someone in RD is stupid. I probably won't be attending Michigan, so hopefully one of you gets my spot...</p>

<p>Deferred as well... anything we can do to up our chances? ):</p>

<p>Deferred as well.... 3.9 UW, 2240 SAT, OOS</p>

<p>I wish they would just make a final decision and send us that. The whole deferral thing makes it seem like it's just a pointless update email or something (I was expecting a decision in March/April anyway...). Not to mention, it's nerve-wracking and disheartening.</p>

<p>Hope we all make it through...</p>

<p>EDIT: Just curious, but has anyone actually heard of anyone getting rejected yet...? I skimmed through a few threads and didn't really see anything. But then again, it's CC and I'm not sure how many people on here are willing/brave to post a rejection....</p>

<p>Anyone notice the discrepancies between EA applicants and RD applicants? There are people who got in with 1800s and I know several people with much lower stats than people on here who got in. (Please nobody take this the wrong way if you got in EA...) Therefore, I have a feeling most of us will get in in April.</p>