<p>Hey guys! I’m really nervous because I recently go deferred from OSU :frowning: I have a 25 ACT and I think that is what is holding me back. I have a 3.922 and 10 extra curricular activities, and I am also in the IB Diploma Program! what do you guys think? I really hope I get in, but i really don’t know what to expect!</p>

<p>I had a 25 ACT also, that is what is holding you back. Don't worry a lot of us were deferred we just have to wait it out :D</p>

<p>I know :/ it really sucks that ACT means so much because my other credibilities are fine!</p>

<p>Trust me, I know. I have a 3.8, top 9% of class, ton of EC's, a lot of charity work, started a charity program, awards in the art world for my photography, leadership programs and studied abroad. We just have to wait.</p>

<p>If OSU didn't want you they would have said REJECTED flat out. The fact that you were deffer ed says something. It says that OSU considers you a qualified applicant. I know people that got accepted with a 24/23 ACT to Ohio State, so you really never know! Best of luck, your application seems very strong in every other area, I bet you'll get in!</p>

<p>That makes me feel so much better! Thanks! I'm still a little nervous because they are accepting alot of applicants but i'll cross my fingers for myself and anyone else that has been deferred!</p>

<p>Is your 3.9 weighted or unweighted? I only scored a 24 on my ACT, and I got accepted. Don't lose faith!</p>

<p>@ katherinereid: what were all your credentials? I applied to OSU and was deferred and I got a 24 on my ACT so I'm just wondering what all you had. If you got accepted it gives me hope that I'll be accepted in March. I hope that I am and that everyone else gets accepted on this thread too.</p>

<p>@ Katherinereid: my 3.922 gpa was weighted, but my gpa really jumped junior year and senior year so I hope it shows them that I kept trying! i'll try not to lose all hope! thanks!!</p>

<p>I was accepted a couple of years ago. My ACT was a 22 and my gpa was a 3.4. BUT I was from a prestigous high school and my essays kicked ass. I can't believe you were deferred. Maybe your essays weren't that good?</p>

<p>Well thats the thing, i come from one of the top like 500 ranked schools in the nation and i had multiple english teachers re-read my essays so i dont think my essays were that bad! i really think that the ACT kicked my butt. The average at OSU now is like a 27 so it got tons harder! hopefully it all turns out well!</p>


<p>3.421 unweighted
Top 10% of class...not a huge class, though (274 kids)
Half filipino
Four years of German looks decent. My schedule throughout has been pretty hard, although I've only taken one AP class.
I probably only have around 50 hours of community service, which isn't a lot, but the hours I have for volunteering are cool. I gave tours once at President Harding's home.
Four year MVR on my XC team, school record holder in 800m for track ....blah blah, so I have some cool awards from running, and I'm in some clubs at my school that sound really prestigious, but they're really not.
I thought my essay really helped, though.
I hope you get accepted!</p>


<p>You're welcome! Let us know if (when) you get accepted!</p>

<p>haha will do! hopefully it's WHEN i get in :) lol</p>

<p>Nah, its can't be the ACT that's holding you back. I have similar stats and a 31 ACT. Now THAT'S frustrating</p>