deferred :(

<p>just going to brag about the fact that i was deferred. post here if you are sad :(</p>

<p>I got deferred too, but let's have a thing called hope :)</p>

<p>I am sad! I was definitely expecting it, but there was always that "what if" factor, lol.</p>

<p>yeah i'm pretty bummed, but oh well there's always RD!</p>

<p>Yeah I'm pretty sad too. But let's do something about it! Here are some links I found already on about what we can do. If you find any others post them yourself. G-Town needs to know that were not givining up. Lets help each other have a better chance at RD!</p>

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<p>I also feel bad like the rest of you. Looking at each of you, you all are well-qualified and I'm sure you will all end up at Georgetown through RD - but if not, at a school you'll enjoy for four years. :)</p>

<p>my friend and I are throwing a "deferral party."</p>

<p>i thought I was going to cry my eyes out when I got the envelope, but instead I just went, "Eh."</p>

<p>and went on with my life. Beforehand I was stressed out, but now that I've been deferred, I'm not going to get stressed about GU until mid-March.</p>