<p>oh well, I guess I'll go and kill myself now.</p>

<p>Stop attention whoring...</p>

<p>trust me you'll be fine wherever you end up, whether or not that school is cornell. chin up and good luck!</p>

<p>im sorry drinkin milk...we all know how much you like cornell. but hey there is still a chance for RD. dont give up hope. and im sure youll end up at a really nice school next fall.
best of luck to ya man.</p>

<p>btw howd you find out before 5?</p>

<p>no, but seriously. I found out during the "leak" but has been too embarassed to post it.</p>

<p>stick it in the official thread!</p>


<p>keep your hopes up. </p>

<p>remember, if you focus all your dreams on one thing (namely your obcession - i think - with cornell), you are bound for a precarious situation. </p>

<p>go out and have some fun and forget cornell. work on other apps and move on!</p>