<p>I got deferred from FIU is it true im less likely to be accepted because I was deffered?</p>

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<p>Not at all. Deferrence is actually a good thing, at least in comparison to a rejection. When admissions people are looking through ED applications, they just can't accept everyone. So half (or so) of them get accepted, and the rest are either deferred or rejected. Getting deferred means you're good, but maybe they want to see how you do mid-year, or any improved SAT scores.</p>

<p>A lot of people get accepted after getting deferred. Your ED decision will still be on the application, and they'll consider that. If you'd like, some colleges will tell you why you were deferred if you call them the office. (Keep in mind though that they are extremely busy around now with the regular applicants)</p>

<p>Just be patient, keep your grades up, and make sure to apply to other colleges, and you'll do fine (:</p>

<p>Thanks you've been alot of help I was really worried that I would get rejected because I was deferred and FIU is my main choice =)</p>

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<p>Indeed you might eventually get rejected -- but it wouldn't be because you were initially deferred. If you get rejected, it's because in comparison to the entire pool, you just didn't make the cut -- which is common sense if you think about it. And if you get in, you did make the cut. That's all.</p>

<p>But NO, being deferred is not some extra mark against you.</p>

I got deferred from FIU is it true im less likely to be accepted because I was deffered?

because is the keyword here. No, deferral is not going to cause anything. But it is a sign that based on your scores and record so far, the admissions dept is not ready to take you. So you aren't in the strongest part of the applicant pool. That doesn't mean that when they see all the apps you won't be accepted, though.</p>