Deferred :'(((((((++

<p>So I'm a in state student from a my AA last December ..3.6 GPA ...n got deferred cuz they wanna have my official transcript w da grades of the classes I'm currently taking...Im feeling there anyone who got accepted after a deferral? :-(</p>

<p>Accepted!! Thk GOD ..</p>

<p>did you send any new info in to get your decision changed?</p>

<p>I'm deferred and happy to see you were then accepted. Makes me have some more hope.</p>

<p>Actually I couldn't see why I was being deferred, so I emailed one of the Assistant directors of the undergraduate admissions. And the next day he told me to go Check my application status..and voila. Apparently it seems like they didn't received my transcript at all even though they said that an initial official transcript has been received. So I have sent it again, followed by a letter in which I mentioned my grand desire to attend the school.<br>
Hope it helped. GOD bless y'all and good luck _[^<em>^]</em>/</p>

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<p>Two of my teachers sent in letters of recommendation and then I sent in a personal statement about how badly I wanted to go to UCF. I'm trying to transfer a year early from the school I'm in now. So far I've got a 4.0 GPA and A's in all my classes.</p>

<p>Well, you seems to be in a pretty good position. You've sent letter of recommendations which I didn't. You have a 4.O which I dt..I have a 3.6 (I took like 8-7 classes per semester). The only reason id think of is because u dt have ur A.A ..I've heard dat it is extremely difficult to transfer with no A.A. besides dat u should be fine. I really really wish you the best of luck. Ill pray for you. ^_^</p>

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