<p>Hello College Confidential!</p>

<p>I am new to this site but I see that it is a good place to get help.</p>

<p>I applied EA to the University of Chicago and I got my results like 3 days ago. I got deferred and since this is my first choice school, how do I improve my application for the Regular Decision round?</p>

<p>Update for any new awards, send a letter of continuing interest.</p>

<p>Call the admissions office and ask! Make sure you say on the phone how much you love the school. Find out if there’s any specific way to improve your app. Usually, they won’t tell you exactly why you got deferred, but there’s a chance that some of your materials were missing or something like that.</p>

<p>Make sure you have apps to a lot of other schools completed before you worry about the deferral, because you can continue to send updates well after the regular decision deadline. Send a nice letter, explaining all your new accomplishments and reiterating specific reasons why you love the school.</p>

<p>I wrote them in an email is that sufficient enough? or too little?</p>

<p>I’ve already been accepted by at least four other schools (none of which I want to go to). What kind of accomplishments?</p>

<p>Do you have other schools on your list that you DO want to go to? I hope so…</p>

<p>I think an email would be fine. Accomplishments could mean anything you think they might want to know. Senior grades, new test scores, awards, or any extracurricular achievements. It could also mean visiting the school or having another interesting experience.</p>

<p>Do what is suggested here, but I would suggest you focus your time over the next week finding a couple of other schools to apply to if this is the ONLY school on your list you want to go to. As far as I can tell, EVERY student who applied who was not accepted EA from U of C got deferred, except maybe a few international students. So you could be in a pool now with something like 27,000 candidates (instead of the 10,000 in EA, you will have the regular pool and about 8,000 deferred EA candidates), for maybe 1,500 remaining slots. Looking at the handwriting on the wall, you need a solid backup plan that you can be happy with. The fact is that no amount of love on your end or wishing for admission is like to change your odds.</p>

<p>Those sound like terrible odds…</p>

<p>There are some other schools on my list that I would like to go to but none as much as UChicago.</p>

<p>I am thinking about another college visit.</p>

<p>Another visit to Chicago, or another visit to find other colleges or universities where you have a good chance of being successful and happy?</p>

<p>The first kind of visit would be a waste of time, money and effort; the second kind would be wise, except for how late in the season it is. You can visit more colleges and universities faster online.</p>