In January I found out I was deferred at CU, which greatly surprised me as I have a 31 ACT and they have a pretty high acceptance rate (my GPA is not as strong - 2.7 - but I do have a valid reason for that). I sent in my fall semester grades over a month ago and have yet to best back. Has anyone else had a slow admissions office experience here? Also, what are my chances of being accepted? Thanks!

I don’t think it could possibly hurt to call your admissions officer, ask to make sure they have all your materials, including your updated grades, and to express your continued desire to attend Creighton. At the same time, they might give you some idea as to when a decision on your deferment will be forthcoming. I have the definite impression that Creighton has had a surge in applications this year, as they had a huge group for the Honors weekend two weeks ago.

I think this is what I would do, if I were in your position.

Good luck!

I had my guidance counselor call my admissions counselor who said that my application was “back under review” and I would “receive a decision within 2 weeks”. This was 3 weeks ago. My account online (as of this morning) says that a decision has been made and I will receive it in the mail within 2 weeks. The first time around (when I found out I was deferred) it took 4 weeks after I saw this on my account. It’s so frustrating. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I never heard anything from them - I’m so tired of this. So I really have no idea. Makes me not even want to come here anymore tbh.

Rant over.