deferring til 2nd semester?

<p>i have no idea if this is even possible... if for health reasons a student who accepted the offer of admission for fall 2010 would not be able to attend, and since it's past the deadline for submitting requests to defer... do you think admissions/administration would be willing to try to work out something to let them come second semester or something??</p>

<p>Yes. Contact them ASAP.</p>

<p>Yes, please do give them a call. You can find contact information here: Harvard</a> College Freshman Dean's Office Contact Us</p>

<p>Hopefully, someone at one of those contacts provided will be able to direct you towards the particular individual able to address your concern. Is there any reason in particular you would not like to defer to enter in the fall of 2011?</p>

<p>thank you.</p>

<p>there is no particular reason i suppose, except i really wasn't intending to take a gap year. i don't have actual plans for one - travel/internship/volunteering/etc., i just might need some health work done, but an entire year off would probably be unnecessary. i'm hoping i won't have to defer at all though, i have my fingers crossed to be there in fall '10 with you guys :]</p>

<p>^I hope to see you too! Starting halfway through the year might be difficult, though.</p>

<p>I really wish you the best. It'd be awesome if everything worked out and you could start with us in the fall. :) Let us know how it goes!</p>

<p>thanks so much, i will :)</p>