Deffered from purdue *few questions*

<p>Hi, I got deffered from purdue so i sent my purdue got my 7th semester transcript and purdue got it on the 6th of Feburary. I just have a few questions, from my understanding deffered means that purdue wants to get a better idea of the pool of applicants this year and see if I would fit. So does my seventh semester transcript actually matter?</p>

<p>btw my stats are
28 on act
for the one i sent in
34 on math
30 on science
24 on english
23 on reading</p>

<p>for the one i didnt send
35 on math
30 on science
25 on english
20 on reading **Didnt do well and since i got the same score i decided to not send this one in</p>

<p>Also my seventh semester gpa is
B AP Physics C
B AP macro economics
A Calc AB
2 b's and the rest a's in the non ap classes</p>

<li>What are my chances at purdue?</li>
<li>I signed up for computer science major is it possible to change it to undecided and would that help my chances?</li>
<li>So does my 7th semester transcript actually matter?</li>
<li>Should i send in my second act?</li>

<p>I would say your 7th semester transcript matters quite a bit. I think they're trying to get a better idea of who you are as a student. Your grades through junior year must have been borderline, and they want another semester's information on you in order to make their decision - partly to see if you're taking hard classes now that you're far enough along in your high school career to be taking them, and partly to see if you're able to handle the harder classes. I'm not an authority on Purdue's admission standards, but your course load looks relatively demanding, and your grades pretty good. Does your 7th semester transcript look more impressive than your transcript from the first three years of HS?</p>

<p>It looks like..
You are in pretty good shape.
one of my friends got accepted to purdue cs yesterday
with gpa 3.4 satI 1160/1740</p>

<p>HoComon, my hs transcript is horrible tbh lol. I got a 1.7 freshman year because i didnt try and i got a 4.0 every year after and ended up with a 3.2 lol</p>

<p>Good luck! Just do well on your 7th semester grades and you should be fine</p>

<p>Thanks yodelo</p>

<p>dacheungmeister - Then I would say your 7th semester transcript will confirm for them that you turned things around after freshman year, and that you can handle demanding coursework.</p>

<p>Hocomom =)</p>