Defining a URM

<p>How do you define it?</p>

<p>Does Turkish count..haha :)</p>

<p>It might...</p>

<p>A urm is...
1. Native-American
2. African-American
3. Asian American(in some cases)
4. Latino/Latina</p>

<p>Depends on the school. If its like MIT or Harvard, then no. But schools such as UVM or Boise State, then you probably would qualify.</p>

<p>why not mit/harvard?</p>

is that an official definition? or one u assume it to be?</p>

<p>URM's at colleges that consider the issue are African-Americans, Hispanic Americans (which would include Hispanics from Puerto Rico, a US territory), and Native Americans (which would include Alaskan Eskimos and Native Hawaiians). At large number of engineering schools, women are also considered URM's. Other than that engineering exception which applies to women in general, Asian Americans generally do not qualify. Internationals are usually not considered URM's regardless of where they are from and even if they are Black or Hispanic. Turkish does not count anywhere. Many also give those with disabilities the same favorable factor as URM's. At most state colleges (and many state laws even require it) and many private colleges, military veterans receive favorable treatment and, in fact, more favorable than URM's.</p>