Degree in Political Science

My daughter has been accepted into many good colleges in Texas and she is going to be majoring in political science. We are just waiting for the financial aid package to finalize the college. We have always encouraged our daughter to pursue what she likes. She wasn’t sure about what to major in so during her summer holidays she spent her time on exploring the course catalogs of the colleges and decided to pursue political science degree. She is very good at writing and doesn’t like math a lot. I wanted to know the career prospects of pursuing a major in Political Science.

You may find this blog helpful:

Many poli-sci majors go on to pursue a law degree and obtain different jobs in the field of law. Others go for a master or take their BA/BS and run looking to get into politics on a city, state, and eventually national level.

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Thanks, Will go through this.

People with majors in political science go into many kinds of careers. Some may be related to politics and law, but most probably aren’t.

You can see some data about the career salary arc of political science here:

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Thanks for the info. I am still wondering other than law, what masters degree one can pursue if interested in International Relations.