Degree selection

Hi ya, first time at here.

I would like to know any information between “environmental science” and “earth and marine science”.

I just noticed there is also a major called earth and realized that it is more in line with what I prefer than the environmental science. But I think there is much lesser degree of earth in the universities?

If I am going this way, do I have to take all the science courses (bio, chem and physics) before I get into college? Are there any recommended colleges related to these major? (top)

Not a native speaker, sorry for poor English.
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If you prefer the “earth science” type majors, look also at geology and geosciences programs - they are all in the same category. Environmental Science majors tend to have more to do with environmental systems and the way human populations interact with them.


I thought that the earth science is more difficult than enviro, is that true?

For Environmental majors, there is usually an Environmental Science major which will have an emphasis in the Natural resources and preservation so Biology, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics foundation courses will be required. Environmental Studies geared more to the social, economic and political aspects so an emphasis on the social sciences.

Earth science would have a heavier emphasis on the science related classes also so it really depends upon your interests and strengths. Both Earth and Environmental majors have a lot of different options.

GIS (Geopgraphic Information Systems mapping) is a great area that can be applied to both fields of study. Highly desirable by employers.