Degree Utility for Other Schools

The opinions on Hampshire seem to be polarizing. I will eventually make another post on that.

My main question is how much do the narrative evaluations detract from chance of admissions to a graduate school?

I find the campus to be over the top liberal. I wear no MAGA hat, nor waive the confederate flag, but this was a shock to me.

If I wanted to transfer out of Hampshire to another institution, how would this go? The graduation rate is an incredibly low 51%, so it seems people either drop-out or transfer?

Any former students?

I’m not a former student, but I’m a parent of two former students. Hampshire likes to tout the percentage of alums who attend grad school (65%):
They claim that this figure is among the highest for liberal arts colleges.

Our son had no problem getting into grad school. More importantly, he found the workload to be less demanding than that for Hampshire, particularly with regard to analytical writing. Our daughter was recently accepted to grad school too.

It is true that an overwhelming proportion of students are politically liberal, although this should not be too shocking, considering the academic program. It is also true that the graduation rate is not that high, which can at least in part be attributed to the costly tuition and complex requirements to graduate.