Deke Decision Reversed on Appeal

The only national, single-sex fraternity left on the Wesleyan campus, which sued the college for allegedly violating its contract rights when DKE brothers were barred from occupying their venerable High Street house, lost its case when it was reversed on appeal by the Connecticut Supreme Court:
[Connecticut Supreme Court Reverses Trial Court DKE Decision | News @ Wesleyan](Connecticut Supreme Court Reverses Trial Court DKE Decision | News @ Wesleyan


Any word on whether any of those frat houses will sell to Wesleyan?

I think they’re down to three: Psi U, Alpha Delt and DKE. So far, the first two have given the university little reason to buy them out. And, of course, this is a far cry from the High Street that existed my freshman year over 50 years ago: eleven active houses that still attracted half the student body and where a majority of upper-classmen still took their meals in “eating clubs”. Names like Alpha Chi Rho, Delta Tau Delta and Commons Club are but echoes of the past. Co-ed living was a huge incentive to forgoing fraternity life.

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