Delaware vs Purdue vs NC State

I have been accepted to the University of Delaware for the pre-vet major, Purdue for animal science, and NC State for animal science. I plan to apply to veterinary school after undergrad, and I want to go to a school that best prepares me for the application process and, generally, with the best pre-vet resources. Does anyone have experience with any of these schools and could help steer me in the best direction?

The location makes no difference to me (I have lived in the midwest, the northeast, and the south because my family has moved around), nor does cost because I got a similar scholarship to each. I am not currently in a position to visit any of them in person.


Congrats on your acceptances!!!

I can only speak to Purdue that they have a great pre-vet program! They’ve invested a lot of resources into their new animal hospitals, and there are many on campus hands on opportunities.

Please let me know if you have any general questions about campus life. My D is a senior (but in engineering).

I know Purdue and NC State have great pre-vet/animal science programs and both have great vet schools. My son felt it was beneficial to go to a school with a vet school because he developed relationships with professors in the vet school, did some research through them undergrad and they hire undergrads to work at their veterinary hospital. I would pick one of those over Delaware but I know very little about it. My son is SAVMA President at his school and has talked with the people from Purdue and NC State who have really liked their experiences like he has.


Thank you so much for this information; I appreciate your reply! I will definitely reach out when I have campus life questions.

Thank you very much for replying and for your advice! Did he matriculate to the vet school attached to his undergraduate school, or did he go elsewhere for veterinary school?

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He went on to vet school where he was an undergrad. He is in his third year of vet school now and doing very well!

Going to an undergrad that also has a vet school is probably best idea (Delaware does not have a vet school) my D got into Delaware honors with scholarship and chose an undergraduate school that also has a vet school. She is attending a different vet school than her undergraduate school (it was a top ranked undergrad) but is happy she went to a school with a vet program