Delayed and missing Amazon deliveries

Has anyone else had delays or missing orders with Amazon? What used to take one or two days to arrive now takes several days, sometimes over a week, with no estimated delivery date. I’ve had two orders recently that I had to cancel because they were lost. Also several orders have been delivered by USPS, which also takes forever.

Does anyone know what’s going on with Amazon?

That’s a bummer!

We haven’t had any issues with Amazon in my area.

I have not had any issues with Amazon. I am not a Prime member, so I usually order >$35 to get free shipping. I have a Ring doorbell, which deters porch pirating.

I’ve had similar issues. Used to take about a week for prime deliveries back in March-May but that’s improved to closer to 2-3 days if delivered through UPS. However, usps and amazon’s own delivery service is significantly less reliable. Never 2-3 days and for example, I just called to cancel and reorder an item that was permanently stuck at usps via tracking. It is frustrating but I’m sure the delivery volume is through the roof the last 6+ months.

Lately, my Prime deliveries have been fine. It’s the non-Prime ones that I have a huge issue with. My issues boil down as follows, for Amazon:

  • customer service years ago was pretty decent but now human interaction is nonexistent; drop-down menus severely limit the ability for Amazon customers to communicate
  • untrustworthy third party sellers
  • Amazon doesn't require a tracking number from these sellers for a (supposed!) shipment via FedEx?! What do they think was the point of ordering through Amazon in the first place, reliability and safety of payment and shipping.

separately, for FedEx:

  • not picking up deliveries in a timely manner (days or several weeks late)
  • not communicating with shipper and/or shipper not communicating with FedEx. There is a missing link.

I’ve only had issues if the shipment originates in China. I ordered one thing that was supposed to be delivered in early May, then was delayed two more times, and I finally cancelled when it didn’t come by about June 15. Amazon was great and it was credited immediately. It arrived the last week of June.

Just yesterday I got a notice that something I ordered was delayed in customs and amount was credited. I’d forgotten about it (just a box of pins, for about $3)

I’ve order other things that have been delivered in 1 day, once at about 7:30 on a Friday night.

Before covid, prime was reliably 2 days. Now we are lucky to get anything in a week, and 10 days is the norm. We are ordering less and less from them, as the delivery times are so unpredictable. Calling to inquire or complain is really a painful experience. They truly do not care.

We’ve had very few issues. I upgraded to overnight and it missed and they refunded the shipping fee. Arrived on the second day. We do live near a distribution center though.

Used to be two days guaranteed. Last week or so I’ve had three orders go out an extra week or more. Worse thing is, I couldn’t cancel them. No option like before.
Trying to wean myself off Amazon. Just hate that they grew during covid wgen small businesses were closed.

I’ve had a number of deliveries arrive the day after amazon says they were delivered but that’s about it.

Amazon service has been great for me. I can’t remember the last time a package from an Amazon order was delivered by any service other their own delivery service. I find them very efficient.