Delayed Graduation Date?

<p>Are any other transfer students pushed back in their expected graduation date? I started at a community college in the summer of 2009 with the expectation that I would have a B.A. in Screenwriting by 2013. However, when I applied to Chapman and they completed my Program (or Academic) Evaluation, it said that my expected graduation date was 2015. Does anyone have any idea as to where these extra two years come from?</p>

<p>I haven't seen a counselor yet to talk about this (because I live a good 3 to 4 hours away), but I do understand that some of the classes I took at my community college didn't fulfill some of the cluster requirements. What I don't get is the 42 upper-division credits I have to take. Is that extra to all the classes I am already going to take, or will those be knocked off along with the classes I already have to take for my program. I'm so confused.</p>

<p>hey, don't sweat about it. I was a transfer also and I'm supposed to graduate in 2012 but my webadvisor account has me for 2014. I think it's just the "default" year they had in their system for all new incoming students. as long as you have enough credits and stuff to grad by 2013, you should be good.</p>

<p>oh and to answer your question about UD credits, if your required major classes are level 300+ then they will also count toward your upper division requirements. Some majors don't have 42 credits of UD classes in their program, so if screenwriting is like that, you'd need to find some elective or you can take UD classes in your GE that would count also.</p>

<p>Oh, alright then! Thanks!</p>