Delaying AP testing - or making it administered late

<p>Has anyone faked an absence and delayed an AP test? The cost is $40 per exam - if there is a choice between testing on the scheduled daate or requesting an alternate date.</p>

<p>I think there is one alternate date, though faking an absence just isn't cool. If you're taking multiple tests, the I think you have to take all of your tests on the alternate date (actually, it might be two days, but it still wouldn't be fun).</p>

<p>I've also that the alternate tests are harder? (dunno if that is the case)</p>

<p>No it would be unfair to those ill on the first date.</p>

<p>And they also say that they charge a fee when there is a choice - so some people might actually choose to take the second date.</p>

<p>How much does it cost to change a fee to take it late? Is it possible to adminster that now?</p>

<p>are you serious?
I wanted the alternate dates cuz i'm taking way too many AP tests, but being ill...really?
Does anyone have more info on this?</p>

<p>there are alternate dates for tests and you have to pay $40 extra..however if you signed up for the alternate test in the first place, I don't think you have to pay the extra fee. They are for people who have two tests in the same time slot or other events that conflict with aps. I think you just have to talk to your school about taking an alternate test...I'm not really sure what "qualifies" you for alternate testing though.<br>
Last year, I took the alternate test for chem because it was in the same time slot as environment. I doubt it was harder than the orginal might have been easier actually.</p>