Delivering items early to room/ dining hall closed?

<p>I am trying to sort out a fridge for my S, looking through a few options. </p>

<p>His dad would like to buy it at Costco, and as they don’t deliver, we have to pick it up at a D.C Costco ourselves and deliver it to the dorm room. </p>

<p>If we want to pick it up a day early, on the Friday, can we deliver it to our S’s dorm room on that same day? S thinks that he can’t get access to his room until Saturday, not even to leave a package there, in this case, a fridge! </p>

<p>Who would I have to call to ask about getting the fridge there a day early? </p>

<p>Also, my S is concerned because he has heard that the dining hall doesn’t open until the following week- is this true? What ‘dining’ options are there if the dining hall hasn;t opened yet, especially for breakfast? </p>

<p>Any info appreciated :)</p>

<p>I know they’ll take deliveries and I read somewhere else that someone bought a fridge and had it delivered and it was delivered straight to the room. This page may help. It has a number to call: [Frequently</a> Asked Questions | Housing and Dining Programs | American University, Washington, D.C.](<a href=“]Frequently”></p>

<p>Thanks @Aloha TM. Costco don’t deliver, so we would need to pick it up ourselves. I’ll give them a call tomorrow and try and find out.</p>

<p>Oh, and I also read somewhere that the dining hall starts serving on the Sunday before orientation for dinner but I can’t remember where I saw that.</p>

<p>Found it. Meal plan starts with dinner on Sunday August 21. See [Welcome</a> Weeks | New Student Programs | American University, Washington, D.C.](<a href=“]Welcome”>All American Welcome | American University, Washington, DC) and click on the Welcome Week link on the bottom right.</p>

<p>Coming from CA, we did a lot of online shopping and had packages arriving right before orientation (Amazon Prime 2 day shipping is great for this). Our experience was that some of the early packages were delivered to the room but a lot were held in the main package pick up area. Understandably, with so many students receiving packages and ordering books online, the lines for package pick up were quite long for the first couple of weeks of school. If you are shipping non-essentials, you might want to consider waiting a couple of weeks.</p>

<p>Thanks @srco14 and @aloha TM. My S doesn’t even have his full book list yet…if he doesn’t have all the books by the first day of class, how much of a problem is it? (Aside form the fact he won’t be happy, of course.)</p>

<p>D didn’t get all her books right away and she ended up with a schedule change so it was just as well.</p>

<p>Its not a problem if you don’t have your books the first day. Many years ago, when I was in college, I worked in the college book store. I remember the long, long lines early in the semester and how stressed out students would be if they didn’t get their books for the first day. But those who waited a couple of days would be able to walk right in and get them easily. The only issue is if we ran out of a particular book, but these days there are so many ways to get books, it shouldn’t be a problem.</p>

<p>Don’t stress about not having books before the first day of class…the first few days the professors expect there to be some shifting around as students add and drop courses and classes are mostly lecture/handouts. Also sometimes the professors will announce changes to the syllabus as well.</p>