Delivering transcripts to my college of choice.

I guess I’m considered as non-traditional student. I took a year off after graduating in 2011 and then graduated from a pharmacy tech program with an Associate in 2013. I’m a bit removed from the process of college applications, so this is new to me now.

I requested two copies of my transcripts from both my high school and my previous college (one for me and one to send to my college of choice). The more I read, I see that there’s the option to send my transcripts electronically. That option, however, is not available with my high school or previous college. So, I’m left with mail or personally bringing them in myself.

I already have my transcripts, sealed and ready. I was going to just mail it to them myself with my letters of recommendation after I finished my application. Are most colleges weird about receiving sealed transcripts from the applicant or the applicant bringing them in (sealed!) personally? I’m afraid I’ve wasted my money having it sent to me, but I didn’t want to fill out separate request forms because I wanted a copy for myself.

If they’re sealed it should be okay, but otherwise contact the college in question you’d like to send them to (preferably by phone) and ask if the institutions have to directly send it to them or if you could mail sealed copies yourself. You will get the true answer only from the source. :slight_smile: