Dell Receipts

<p>Does Dell provide some sort on invoice? I just got my Latitude D610 (Made in Malaysia) and there was no invoice. Does Dell mail it seperately?</p>

<p>call them...usually it should ship with at least a shipping invoice (detailing contents and price).</p>

<p>You also were probobly emailed something and there was probobly a "print this for your records" page.</p>

<p>They're available online. Log into your account on, click on Order History, and click on the order you want an invoice for.</p>

<p>Check around the your orders section of their website. Check your inbox. I remember getting some type of notification...</p>

<p>Is there a reason that you need an invoice? You don't need it for warranty purposes since the service tag is all the information they need for warranty purposes.</p>

<p>Assuming that your parents payed for it...anyone who itemizes their deductions coudl well need that invoice for their accountant come tax time.</p>