<p>which is the best for college-laptop wise</p>

<p>Toshiba's will be the best of the three. Dell laptop's == crap. Viao's are alright, but i would say that Toshiba has them beat.</p>

<p>Sony Vaios are definitely crap - I have one, so trust me:
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<p>Which Dell are you considering? Certain Dell models are better than others. (I recommend Dell Latitude D610, or Inspiron 700m or 6000)</p>

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<p>We have a 600m and a 6000, and they are fairly similar. They are both new, so it's hard to tell about their performance for sure. They both have amply big screens and full size keyboards. The 600m is notably lighter (thinner, etc). The 6000 is my son's and he got more upgrades. I did notice that the mouse pad on the 6000 has vertical and horizonal scroll bars, which is pretty convenient.</p>

<p>Any opinions on Compaq Presario's??</p>

Any opinions on Compaq Presario's??

Yeah, don't buy it for sure. If you really like the particular Compaq that you're considering, then please at least get the HP counterpart instead.</p>

<p>consumer reports are always the things to go to when it comes to electronics. don't just base it on what people say on a messageboard. while it's always good to see people's specific prefences, check out reports and look at overall performance rates. they are very helpful.</p>

<p>just a suggestion. ;)</p>

<p>i concur… i prefer anything Sony as compatibility between Sony products is a breeze</p>

<p>it depends on budget and how much knowledge you have</p>

<p>i.e. buying a prepackaged LapTop may be more convenient but for the same price, you could build something, faster, with a better GB, etc. etc.</p>

<p>one place i’d recommend is:</p>


<p>check out:</p>

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<p>Editor’s, Reader’s, opinions can be very helpful as well</p>

If you really like the particular Compaq that you're considering, then please at least get the HP counterpart instead.


<p>i thought these two companies are owned by the same ppl :/</p>

<p>michelec, they are -- Compaq is now the cheaper version of HP. However, I have no idea if they are worse at all.</p>

<p>OP, it depends on what you want. Dells are cheapest, then Toshiba (I think), and Sony is the most expensive. You have to compare price / features / tech support and all. What exactly do you want? (price range, tasks for it to do, portability / battery life)</p>

<p>Compaqs are of somewhat poorer quality and usually have less features than the HP models. I don't know if their tech support is still as lousy as it was before the merger with HP.</p>

<p>No consideration for IBMs or Macs? If you're going PCs, nothing can compare to thinkpads. (barring serious $$ concerns)</p>

<p>I actually have a compaq (I was just wondering what other people thought of them), and I've had it for a year and only had one problem, which was fixed for free (since it's still under waranty) in 3 days total (Fedex picked it up on tuesday, and dropped it back on thursday) and the phone tech support people were very friendly and helpful. It wasn't a cheap one ($1,700) so maybe that made a difference, and it's not anything I'd call light, but it's my desktop replacement, and has been working great. I would reccomend it. It's the Compaq (which is indeed pard of HP) Presario R3000.</p>

<p>the Dell Latitudes can compete with the Thinkpads.</p>

<p>business computers > consumer computers</p>

<p>Thinkpads all the way...</p>

<p>but out of the three, probably a business line dell or a toshiba. </p>

<p>Sony Vaios are expensive and bad (really hot, hardware tends to break)</p>

<p>Sony Vaio stink on ice. >/ I wanna break mine. It always shutdown in 60 seconds. >] Also you have 3 cds to start the laptop. It is expensive and it's crappy. =P Blah. Windows. Dell is not good because it has the 60 seconds thing to shut down the laptop. Toshiba never try it and never will. =] [is a MAC fan.]</p>

<p>Me too. I just got my new powerbook. I've only had it for three days and already I love it. It's functional and intuitive. Unless you're a programmer/gammer I think Macs are great.</p>

<p>=] Also you get awesome programs. xD Only few of them which is good. You don't need a lot of programs like what Windows usually have. =] Hehehe zantedeschia we have good taste in computers and laptops. xP</p>

<p>Ahh I am in love with Widgets, I'm addicted to downloading them. :p</p>