Delta directly or orbitz/travelocity/expedia?

<p>I need to buy a plane ticket on Delta, for overseas travel. (And it really must be on Delta--D is going with a group who will all be on the same flight.) For those of you who are experienced world travelers--should I purchase through Delta directly or through one of the travel sites? And if one of the travel sites, which one?</p>

<p>There is no need to purchase the ticket directly from Delta if you book the correct Delta flight on another travel site. I like kayak, but it is a good idea to check the fares on both a travel site and the airline directly, understanding that quoted fares can change in a matter of hours or even minutes.</p>

<p>Personally, I may use a site for research but I always book with the airlines. If anything goes wrong it is much easier to deal with the airline if you bought the ticket from them. IMHO</p>

<p>Agree with Singersmom. I had a very bad experience when I had booked a flight through an online travel site, and the flight was postponed for 3 days--the airline kept telling me to go through the travel site and vice versa. After several calls, hours of my time, and much frustration I eventually got my money back. I've never had this type of experience when booking directly with the airline.</p>

<p>Agree with above posters to book directly with Delta. If you have to change the flight, or need assistance, it can be difficult with two parties to deal with--Delta and Orbitz/Kayak. Just had this happen this winter with a flight that needed to be changed--Delta said they would do it without a charge because of circumstances, but because the flight was booked through Orbitz, their hands were tied.</p>

<p>I book directly with the airline when possible as to avoid any problems when flights are canceled/changed. I like to be able to call up the airline(s) when I have a problem and get it fixed instantly. If needed, you can usually cancel the trip within 24 hours of purchase when booking directly with the airline.</p>

<p>If she's going with a group, why isn't one person booking the whole group? Usually you get a better rate and better service that way.</p>

<p>I have the same view as Singersmom and others - I've flown Delta internationally and booked directly with them. I've always booked directly with the airline. I usually check the other sites like Orbitz, Expedia, etc. but the prices are usually the same, but are often higher, than directly with the airline. Most airlines also state that their own website has the lowest fare. </p>

<p>I feel more comfortable that there'll be no issues if I book directly with the airline (or rental car company) but then I've never booked on one of the other sites to test whether there's any validity to my better comfort factor.</p>

<p>Although I'm an avid Expedia user, I've never booked an international flight through any travel websites. There too many things that can go wrong with such itineraries, and dealing with airlines is easier than trying to sort thighs out through a third party.</p>

<p>There is an advantage to booking directly with an airline. If airfare drops you may qualify for a refund.</p>

<p>When</a> Airfare Drops, Get a Refund: Save Money with Airline Sales - ABC News</p>

<p>If you track a purchased flight with YAPTA you can get email notifications if the fare drops and a refund is available.</p>

<p>Agree with Singer, etc. Research on sites, book usually directly and sometimes beat the sites. Sometimes if there's a hotel deal I'll book with the site but rarely.</p>

<p>It all depends.<br>
I had to book an oversea's flight Friday for Monday flight (last minute) and the airfare for coach seat was about $4,700 on Delta website. I tried Kayak, which led me to Orbitz. After researching that there could be a fare around $1,900. So clicked on it and it showed $1,700 as an instant new price. I immediately called a travel agent specializing in overseas and I was able to give the flight details and they were also surprised that a special fare was available. I ended up paying a lower than Orbits price. And yes, I will get Delta miles for those flights. Since the reservation had my frequent flyer number, it showed up immediately on Delta site's itinerary and I was able to choose my seats. A savings of almost $3,000 for a last minute fare is not too bad. So I was better off not to book through I frequently check with first as does not always give you the least expensive routing.
For International flights, it is good to check with travel agents specializing in those countries. I do have to admit that they are not that easy to locate online.</p>

<p>For $3000 difference in prices, I MIGHT be tempted. But here is a true story. I had a confirmed flight booked through Travelocity on United Airlines. About two weeks before my departure, they changed my itinerary having me leave at 6 a.m. (original departure was in the afternoon...and for a REASON...I had things to DO in the morning). I tried calling the airline and they told me I had to deal with Travelocity. Did you ever try to do that?? Somehow I managed to contact them...and they were able to change my departure back to the afternoon....BUT my connecting flight in Denver was scheduled to leave three hours BEFORE my plane was even landing in Denver. Again...I tried contacted Travelocity and they told me there was NOTHING THEY COULD didn't matter at all to them that they had booked me on a flight that was arriving HOURS after my connection left. So I called United Airlines myself. At first, the told me there was nothing they could do as the flight was booked through a third party vendor. I whined and whined and asked to talk to a supervisor. In the meantime, I HAD the United flights ON my computer screen...oddly, my original itinerary was showing why did Travelocity even CHANGE my ticket?? The supervisor came on and I PLEADED my case. Luckily she took pity on my and rebooked me back on my original itinerary...and sent me an email confirmation.</p>

<p>I vowed I would NEVER use Travelocity again and I haven't. My son occasionally uses Expedia, but only when he has no firm commitments on either end of the trip. They just change itineraries TOO often...and it's a pain.</p>

<p>I don't mind 30 minutes here and there which often happens with the airlines..but the late afternoon to early morning switch put me over the edge with Travelocity. Their customer service my opinion.</p>

<p>Thank you, all, for this information. I'm filing it away for future reference.</p>