<p>What's the political affiliation of the people here?</p>

<p>Democrat fo' sho'</p>


<p>More liberal than you average Californian...</p>

<p>and that's saying something.</p>

<p>(Actually, I really have no liberals to compare myself to. I live in what has to be the most insanely republican district in California)</p>

<p>Manderz, do you live in Orange County?</p>

<p>I guess I'm a democrat, but I also have a little Green Party and Independent mixed in.</p>

<p>But when seeing where I'm from (Berkeley), it's no suprise why I am the way I am!</p>

<p>i am a libertarian</p>

<p>repub all the way</p>

<p>Independent!! But I guess if you had to classify me, I'd be a Conservative Democrat.</p>

<p>I'm a Dennis Kucinich Democrat for domestic and a Carl Levin Democrat for foreign policy.</p>

<p>Democrat, baby! My absentee ballot is going out tomorrow with a vote for K-dog! Just kidding but not really. I'm not that dumb about my political decisions. I am a moderate but I lean more towards the left (plus I'm in College Democrats and Georgetown Students for Kerry). There are more Democrats here than I thought there would be, though. Chow!</p>

<p>Although I'm not an American (I'm Canadian, but not that proud of it), I would calssify myself as a Republican.</p>

<p>Moderate Democrat</p>

<p>Cali, close, North San Diego county. Sandwiched right between Orange County and San Diego...</p>

<p>A couple of weeks back I saw a home-made, handwritten for sale sign for a house for $1.4M!!!!!!!!! It is then that I realized I was truly satisifed with my decision to not apply anywhere west of the Mississippi</p>


<p>Im a Democrat</p>

<p>Democrat. I guess I'm in the "Anyone but Bush" category, as are most democrats this year. Although I have no qualms with John Kerry.</p>

<p>Sucks I'm not 18 yet though.</p>

<p>I'm turning 18 this week, so I get to vote for Kerry. Wooo-hooo!</p>

<p>I'm a Republican, and if i were 18 and allowed to vote, I would soooo vote for Bush.</p>

<p>I care more about this election than getting into college.</p>

<p>^ I'm already here but, believe me, the election is weighing heavily on my mind, too. Except for me, devastation comes if Bush wins. Sorry...</p>

<p>LoL yeah all my Kerry supporting friends joke about applying to Canadian schools because they want to move if Bush wins.</p>

<p>if bush loses--- where in the world will i turn? </p>

<p>poland? seems to be the only fully pro-bush, pro-american place out there haha </p>

<p>hehe i'm jk</p>

<p>Hehe. I'm Polish (but living in Canada) and I support Bush. And one of the reasons I'm studying in the US is because Canada is toooooo liberal for me, lol.</p>