Demonstrated interest in GWU after already applying

I have sent in my regular decision application to George Washington University, and it is definitely one of my top choices. I wrote a pretty good supplemental essay and have stats that align with those accepted I believe, but a lot of people from my school are applying and I worry that I did not show as much demonstrated interest in the school as I should have. Are there any further steps I could take to show more interest in the school and help my chances of admission?

in terms of Demonstrated interest, I am sure you did all you should/could. GW wants people who want to go. They usually waitlist those who are using it more for a safety. I bet you will be fine

Okay that’s great! Any idea what kind of interest they would want (via email, phone call, etc.)?

the why GW essay is important. If you have been able to tour, or show up at the virtual tours, that helps. Also if you find out whom your admissions person for your school is, you could send an email and ask to have a virtual meeting, similar to pre covid when one would meet at college fairs, to find out more information about the school, making sure you have quality questions, BUT i am not sure if that is overboard these days. I only know the pre-covid world.

Sounds perfect! I haven’t been able to tour in-person but I just signed up for an online information session. Thanks a ton for all the help!