Demonstrated interest Whitman College

Does anyone know how much they care? I will look up on CDS, but I know some schools seem more interested in practice than would be otherwise indicated.

We are going to be in the general area this summer. Frankly it will be inconvenient to go, but D21 and I probably won’t be within 500 miles of there again until after she graduates, so if it seems important I may try to work it in.

Walla Walla is an unusual setting… some love the cozy community while others find it stifling, some feel that Seattle is really close and others feel the city is too distant to feel connected. A friend who taught there was truly surprised to find out how much the mountains affect the feel of daily life.

Some schools settings don’t matter as much as Whitman’s, or are easier to imagine from other experiences. If your child might be interested in Whitman in a serious way, I’d suggest a visit is in order, regardless of how much admissions cares about demonstrated interest.

Agree. It would only be harder to get there during the short window for accepted student visits.

Even a short visit can be worth making it happen. If you’re seriously pressed for time, maybe skip the info session.

The best demonstrated interest is knowing the college well enough to nail the app and any Why Us question.

I don’t know how much you’ll get out of visiting in the summer. Whitman has a gorgeous campus right next to a charming downtown and surrounded by residential areas with big trees and some stately old homes, but the campus is pretty dead in the summer. My son had a summer job cleaning the dorms and nearly died of boredom. The big draw of Whitman is the energy of the students and faculty, and the continuous pulse of activity when school is in session. If at all possible visit when students are around. If you want to show interest, get in touch with the traveling admissions officer that covers your area. Ask them questions, have an interview, attend college fairs where the officer is present. Making yourself known to them and developing a bit of a relationship with them will go a long way to showing interest. I’m a big fan of Whitman and my son loved his time there.

Thanks for the comments. I’m thinking about not going now based on the last one. Right now she is aiming a bit higher, and I think she might be predisposed to not like it for that reason.

I think it actually might be good for her, so I don’t want her to get a bad impression. The town is about the same size as our hometown which is also in the middle of nowhere, so that part isn’t the unknown for is that it would be for most people. Plus my cousin went there (and loved it), so she can fill D in a bit for the essay even we get to that point.

Plus it will avoid about 8 hours on the road, which is probably coloring my opinion.

Yes, an 8 hour drive when everyone is cranky is probably not going to help make the case for Whitman, I’m glad she has an alumna to talk to. The student body will surprise her, many students turn down higher ranked schools to attend, including my son. I really enjoyed visiting, the restaurants are really good because the town has become a destination for wine lovers. :slight_smile:


Off-campus and Skype interviews are offered.

@dadof4kids, I really like Whitman, but our daughter turned down her offer and a really great merit scholarship because we live in the middle of nowhere, and she wants to attend college in a big city. So off to NYC she goes!

I agree with others in that a visit is best when school is in session and everyone is well-rested.

My daughter never interviewed and was accepted.

We know a number of highly qualified students and alumni. Whitman attracts a talented pool of candidates.

Wishing you and your daughter the best!