Demonstrated interest???

<p>How much emphasize does northwestern put on demonstrated interest??? Cuz i have only visited the campus but have never contacted the adcoms or whatsoever.
Any feedbacks will be much appreciated.
Thanks all.</p>

<p>I personally think it did play a big role in my application.
1. I applied ED.
2. I live in Chicago so NU is probably more familiar to me than other it is to other applicants.
3. I have been emailing with NU since about junior year.
4. My essay showed interest (obviously).
5. I visited and went to several college fairs where NU were at (Common App asks for this).</p>

<p>But, I also had good grades, good scores, good ECs, etc.</p>

<p>Demonstrated interest is huge, huge, huge. Why else is half the NU supplement a list of all the various way in which you might have had interaction with them and are supposed to check as many as you can. The only place with as much "show me the love" on the actual application is Emory. NU is just paranoid, deeply, about yield.</p>

<p>^^^ That last sentence was silly. EVERY college wants a good yield. But, yeah. NU wants to see how excited you are about the school. The more you know, the better and then share that with them. Interview is very helpful too. Do not just go on a tour and think that's demonstrating interest. Be proactive.</p>

<p>There are many students who get in without showing any interest. However, in cases where there are other applicants who are equally impressive but showed interest when you didn't, they will probably look more appealing when there are only a few slots left. If you are really appealing, however, and Northwestern prefers you over others for some reason or another, it may not matter as much.</p>

<p>Calm down everyone. The Common Data Set, Section C7 indicates that "Demonstrated Interest" is only "considered". 2008-09</a> First-time, first-year (freshman) admission, Common Data Set - Northwestern University</p>

<p>So, out of the 4 catagories, Demonstrated Interest is ranked 3rd, not 1st or 2nd. Demonstrated Interest is not rated "Very Important" or even "Important" - it is only "Considered".</p>

<p>My D is a 2009 grad, and my S is an ED admit. Neither of them interviewed, and they both only visited once. My Son never bothered to show up when NU visted his HS. If you follow the link, you will see how NU ranks what IS important. I would agree that if all other data is equal, that interest in NU might tip the scales, but NU is not like some small East Coast LAC where Demonstrated Interest can be hugely important. Good grades, Good ECs and Good Recs and Essays are more important than calling AdComs.</p>