Den Sports Pass

<p>Anybody else here trying to get that Sports Pass? The instructions tell me to go to the MyUCLA surveys but I don't see it there. Any help would be appreciated</p>

<p>I signed up for mine at Orientation. If you aren't a Freshman or for some reason that's not an option call CTO.</p>

<p>I'm a freshman. I can't call during the day cus I'm working so I was hoping I could do it online....</p>

<p>Maybe email them then... Or if you live close by go to one of the activity fairs for another session and sign up there.</p>

<p>lol there's no email on the website and I live in nor cal</p>

<p>Just to let you know, the first football game when you get back to school is free for all freshmen.</p>

<p>Also, besides the Den pass, you have to pay for the Rooter bus, which takes you to the Rose Bowl and back. I think that's like 6 dollars each game?</p>

<p>I kinda regretted getting the Den pass. Out of all the games, I only went to 2, because I usually had other stuff to do or studying to catch up on. Moreover, when you get to school, the football game already started, so you miss out on a few games already.</p>

<p>you miss the first 2 games generally and 3rd game is move in weekend so if you plan well you shouldn't miss that, i would highly suggest getting it, football games are a great college experience, the atmosphere is great and a fun way to spend a saturday, especially if you are a football fan (although a lot of people don't know much about it, and generally you see more girls than guys at the games)</p>

<p>although if you are one of those people that don't like sports much, prefer to use the time to study and don't really mind missing out on a pretty special college experience (a lot of schools don't have football programs) then it might not be worth it to join the den</p>

<p>They've redesigned the whole Den package this year where for the $90 you pay for it you get access to all the football and basketball games. I really recommend getting it this year, I'm going to be a third-year and it's my first time buying it. The Den package is the only way to go to the USC/UCLA game (unless you wanna buy general admission tix which are really expensive), you can go to all the basketball games, and they've raised the price for individual football game tickets to $36. So if you go to 2 football games and 1 basketball game, it pays for itself.</p>

<p>To do the survey for it, go to your MyUCLA and click Surveys under whatever UCLA picture you have on the top right. Then you should see the Den survey link there.</p>

<p>I only see the orientation planner and music surveys there...hmm</p>

<p>Have you been to orientation yet?</p>

<p>ive been to orientation and i have the same problem. when i go to surveys it just shows the educational planner and the music survey but nothing about the den sports pass</p>

<p>^what he said =]</p>

<p>Here is an email for questions: <a href=""></a> I got sent Den Pass info in the mail, filled it out and sent it back.</p>