Denied from Wheaton

<p>I was denied EA from Wheaton (il). Not my first choice, but surprised. Anyone else denied, and what are your stats?</p>

gpa - 3.6 (unweighted)
sat - Math 560 (low i know), Writing 670, CR 730
10 ap classes, all the rest are honors.
student body president, active community service, 3 years varsity softball, 3 international missions trips, speech&debate, yearbook, national honor society, other clubs, etc.
demographics - white female from the south, baptist.</p>

<p>Denied from Wheaton. Not the end of the world. Denied by God. That would be the end. There are so many places to study and live out one's Christian faith. We cannot turn colleges into idols. Your stats indicate that you are an excellent student. One door is closed. Others are already opening. "For I know the plans that I have for you," declares the Lord.</p>

<p>well thats extremely surprising. The only way i can think of besides academics you would be denied for is if your spiritual aspects do not match up to your academic standards. If you do believe your spirituality is no problem, and im sure it isn't for most applicants, im really thinking that God wants to use you at your number one school. Maybe if Wheaton College isn't going to be the light in your life, you can be the light in someone else's. hope this helped in some way.</p>