Denison and Music major/minor

We are very interested in learning more about Denison and the music programs. Does anyone have experience with their ensembles and music classes? I know there is the new Michael Eisner Performance Center and also that Covid is a tough year for the arts, so hard at this time. My daughter loves playing in her high school band, but also loves singing and songwriting. Thanks for any helpful information!

Sorry there aren’t more active parents involved on the site to provide a wider array of answers, but here I am again! I can offer what we know, and definitely encourage you to explore the Eisner Center and Music Dept sites for more info as well as email Admissions asking for more info.

Vocal and instrumental opportunities are terrific, with everything from gospel choir to acapella, musical theater, and a broad range of instrumental ensembles. The “regular” music faculty are excellent – my kid had played orchestral and jazz percussion before college and was interested in continuing, so we met with the percussion faculty and dove deeply into music opportunities. Another benefit of being close to Columbus is that Denison brings in performing artists from Columbus as adjuncts, both as faculty for one-on-one lessons in an instrument and as classroom faculty to expand the offerings. Music dept. also has a Bluegrass concentration, which is very cool. The Vail Series is unbelievable, with incredible performers coming to campus every year-- my kid saw Wynton Marsalis, Bela Fleck, and many more.

Thank you for your response! My daughter is also applying to many larger schools but it feels like Denison may be a really great fit for her - much depends on what it can offer her musically as a minor, or just to be involved as she doesn’t necessarily want to major in music, but it’s what she loves. (She’s undecided as a major but she is creative and not a STEM kid) We are a plane ride away so haven’t been able to visit. Thanks so much and we’ll look into the Vail series as well to learn about it. Part of her is concerned about the small size of the school and lack of marching band which she has found really fun over the years as our high school makes it so fun with trips and events. But maybe it’s just that she misses it so much this year since it’s not happening so not sure if she is ready to give it up forever! Such a shame the seniors are missing all the things they should be able to do as seniors…but it is what it is.

Music as a minor is pretty manageable, my kid considered it but he was a starting athlete which, in-season, was about 25-30 hours a week, so he decided to use the rest of his “free” time for other activities rather than manage a music minor, which would have included ensemble practice and weekly lessons. Denison kids tend to be very involved across areas of interest, academically and co-curricular/outside activities, so a minor in an arts discipline plus engagement elsewhere on campus is pretty much the norm. No marching band though . . . .