Denison, Connecticut College and St. Lawrence

Hello I am a parent of a D 2025, admitted to each of the above with varying merit awards. Wondering if anyone with experience among these three schools has advice on making distinctions? We have not been able to visit Connecticut College due to Covid, but have good impressions from visits to Denison and St. Lawrence. Thanks for any advice.

What are your D’s priorities, academically and otherwise? My son is a sophomore at Denison and loves the school. He also considered Connecticut College, and we visited Conn on the same trip as Denison. He really liked the AO he met at Conn, but otherwise he wasn’t taken with the school. Conn has a beautiful campus, but it isn’t really walkable to anywhere and felt somewhat isolated for that reason. And some of the facilities - the dining hall in particular - felt a little tired. The information session at Conn was also the worst we encountered at any of the schools we visited - kind of lackadaisical. It could have been just the day we visited, but overall we just didn’t feel the same level of energy we had encountered at Denison. As to Denison, you’ve visited, so you’ve seen what a nice little college town Granville is, and the campus is also lovely. Academically, our son has enjoyed both the classes in his anticipated majors and the classes he’s taken to meet the GE requirements, and we’ve been impressed with the quality of the academics and the level of interaction with his professors. I’ve also been impressed with how the school administration and the faculty have reached out to my son with opportunities - he was very quickly knitted into the fabric of the school. Denison is lucky to have Adam Weinberg as its president. He is both thoughtful and dynamic and the kids pick up on his enthusiasm for the school and his belief in the value of a liberal arts education. If your D plays sports, I would have even more good things to say, as Denison is really a wonderful place for student athletes.