Denison ED 1 Class of 2024

I’m an international asking for huge aid ,I submitted my app sometime in August.

I’m really nervous to hear from Denison.

Anyone hear back yet? I submitted on the eighth.

Their ED decisions are released on a rolling basis.
So I think you won’t be hearing from them anytime soon.

They said I’d hear in two weeks, so hopefully i’ll hear by Friday. Let us know when you find out. Good Luck!

Goodluck to you too


Have you heard yet?

I got admitted with an annual alumni award. Best of luck to you man!
submitted 11/8 and admitted at 6:20 today.

What were your stats @Samuelstiles12

I’m an athlete that doesn’t qualify for financial aid, so were definitely not in the same boat. I did have a 1270 SAT, and my school doesn’t do GPA, just transcript :slight_smile: (mostly a B+/A- student) Hope you hear soon.

I was rejected

@denisonhopeful I’m sorry to hear that, I’m sure that is disappointing. The challenge is, for international students with high financial, not many schools are able to meet that need.

Thank you ?I got into soka university of america though
Is it a good school?

@Samuelstiles12 My D21 is also an athlete who will not qualify for financial aid. Did you get an academic/financial pre-read? Did it indicate that you would qualify for the alumni award?

@Acersaccharum My kid applied ED as recruited athlete several years ago, and we are not eligible for financial aid. Both Admissions interviewer (counselor, not senior interviewer) and coach predicted a certain minimum merit award based on his portfolio – gpa/curriculum/ECs/leadership/arts etc. The final award was actually higher, which was great news. We did not do a formal pre-read though, as admissions rate continues to drop at Denison, that may become more common.

I did try to search but I didn’t find anything. I have a junior who is forming her college list now. She picked up an old edition of “Colleges that Change Lives” and read about Denison. She acts professionally now, is a writer, does comedy improv, and also writes and directs her own films. She’s a very self-motivated, intellectually curious, and a self-proclaimed “history nerd”. She is very concerned about social justice and spent some of her formative years living in Ethiopia East Africa. She left traditional high school for online school and was accepted into an accelerated college program at a local CC where she is earning her high school equivalency and college credits concurrently. She has been looking at a mix of BFA Theatre and BA Theatre schools. Can anyone give any insight into the theatre program and opportunities at Denison? Thank you!

My S19 is at Denison, and although he has not taken any theater classes yet, this is one of the departments we looked at when he was deciding on schools last year. The facilities are very good - just this past fall, they opened the fabulous new Eisner Center for the Performing Arts, which was funded by alumnus Michael Eisner. There are also some impressive Denison graduates - Steve Carell, who was part of the Improv group (Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company, which holds itself out as the oldest college improv group) while at Denison and came back recently for an anniversary performance, and Jennifer Garner, who spoke at last year’s commencement (as well as Hal Holbrook for those who look further back). (I was impressed by the fact that these graduates all seem to love the school and want to give back.) For a small school, the number of productions seems impressive. It may also be helpful that Columbus, and it’s theater community, is only a half hour away. Denison is not an activist campus as compared with some, but there is a serious focus on diversity, not just in admissions but in terms of getting people to cross social borders on campus and the GE requirements include a “power and justice” class, meaning that many departments have incorporated into their curricula classes that look at these issues. My son, who grew up in Asia, is also a bit of a history nerd and has really enjoyed his History and Classics classes this year. If your daughter found the description in CTCL interesting, I would encourage you to take a look.

@absehamom, I realized I forgot to tag you in my response to your question

Thank you so much! It really looks like a good fit for her. I wonder if they go to the Cleveland Unified auditions? She is planning to go to those in the fall.