Denison questions for a current high school senior

<p>My D is going to visit Denison in January and also has an interview scheduled. Denison is probably her #2 school after reading all she can about it. Her #1 school is a large state school where she will be a member of their honor's college.
1. Is it true that Denison no longer has an honors program and honors housing? If so, why not?<br>
2. A main consideration for my D is having her own private room. How likely is that at Denison? At the other school she would have a private room in a 4 room suite.<br>
3. My D is very conservative. She is a book worm. She loves community service. She is not social and not into sports. Will she fit into Denison?
4. She is interested in majoring/minoring in English, Spanish, and Latin- perhaps a double major and then the 3rd as a minor. Can anyone speak of the strength/quality of any of these programs at Denison?
5. She is eligible for the Paschal Carter scholarship. I see that it is for $40,000. Any idea of how much the tuition will go up over her 4 years at Denison?
6. How is Denison is terms of accepting AP credit?</p>

<p>I am sorry for all of the questions. D has 4 college visits lined up over the next few months and any inside information has been extremely helpful.</p>

<li>Correct. Not sure, but I'd guess it outlived its purpose as DU has recruited increasingly stronger students and availed honors type opportunities to many of those strong students. </li>
<li>Possible. imo, a major mistake for frosh.</li>
<li>She's not the prototype for DU. She'd likely be much happier at State U where she can be lost.</li>
<li>English, communications strong. Ours was not overly impressed with Spanish profs. Know nothing about Latin.</li>
<li>Nope. And neither does the DU president. However, if you need the kind of precision you inkle at, this might not be your best option.</li>
<li>I'm not familiar with their AP requirements.</li>

<p>I'm sure others can lend some insight. Honestly and with no malice, your DD may not find DU to her liking. There are 5,000 institutions and many would seem to have potential for a more productive fit. jmo.</p>

<li><p>WP is correct -- DU thought the honors program was "no longer needed." </p></li>
<li><p>Singles/private rooms -- probably not first year, and not really "likely" until senior year, although it also depends on the dorm you want to live in. </p></li>
<li><p>My D is not into sports, in that she hasn't attended any public sporting events and doesn't participate in any. There is lots of community service available, something DU stresses. D has always lived in either quiet or subfree dorms (or both; D is also a bookworm, but really doesn't have any time to read during term -- chemistry major, math minor. She read a dozen books over Thanksgiving break!) </p></li>
<li><p>D has two friends who are classics majors -- both smart kids, one a Paschal Carter -- they seem to enjoy it.</p></li>
<li><p>Paschal Carter & tuition -- it's been going up somewhere in the range of 4-5% a year, I think? D did get another scholarship from DU for junior and senior year that covered the gap between the PC scholarship and tuition. I don't know if such scholarships are available in fields other than science.</p></li>
<li><p>D got AP credit for every exam she took (so about 5 or 6 course credits). It mostly transfers as generic credit; except for the freshman writing requirement, AP credits don't get you out of Gen Eds. I think D also got credit for Calculus 1. She could graduate early in terms of credit hours, but doesn't have the courses she needs/wants for her major and minor -- and doesn't want to leave now (even though grad school lies in her future).</p></li>

<p>Best wishes to your daughter!</p>

D got AP credit for every exam she took


<p>Really good to know. Denison is in my S's top 3 choices.</p>