Denison University Class of 2022 Early Decision

Hey, since there was no discussion formed yet and I’m applying ED, I figured i migh as well make one for all of us to post questions, concerns etc.

hey glad this was started. Are you applying as test optional or you are submitting scores?

Happy to see this thread! I’m applying ED, test optional via common app.

Glad I found this thread! I’m also applying ED through the Common App!

@lizbeth99 I’m submitting test scores because my GPA is on the lower end, what about you?

I finally finished my essay, css profile, fafsa, and application. I have two out of three recommendations written (one counselor, 1 teacher, 1 lab mentor) but my lab mentor is out I’m Sri Lanka until Saturday and despite us talking about it and him agreeing he still hasn’t written it due to being out of town. Should I turn in my application or wait? It’s via common app so I know he’ll still be able to write it but idk.

Hey guys! I have submitted my Common App. International-Test optional candidate.

@r0h33zy I will more likely go test optional. But not ED though

I’m glad that there are international students on this forum too so we can all see how it progresses and etc.pls keep updating this forum

So happy this exists!!! Where is everyone from !!!

@Glasses22 Submit your app, you can submit the recs afterword.

Also, I got admitted this morning! so excited!

@r0h33zy admitted or submitted?!

I turned in my application Sunday!! I got my log in stuff and am just waiting for CSS/Fafsa to update. @r0h33zy omg that’s quick. I’m hoping to hear back soon!! congrats!

I applied test optional because the ACT is not my strong suit. Glad to see others going the same route!

rip I just realized I listed a club twice on my resume. ;~; this sucks so much :((

@Leahshif Admitted! I’m in disbelief too! I’m so thrilled

@r0h33zy congratss that means you’re done with the college application process already since its binding. Please update us as to the financial package.
Also what was your SAT if you don’t mind?

Omg congratulations

I’m admitted as well!!!

@r0h33zy what is your name I’ll friend you on fb!