Denison University / Skidmore College - Approachable Professors? Accommodations?

Does anyone have any experience regarding the range of accommodations that exist at Denison University or Skidmore College? Also, how approachable are the professors? Are the professors interesting and are they accessible when students need help? Does the school support of students with some learning disabilities (ADHD, executive function) and help set them up for success, or the opposite? My son was impressed with the tour at both of these schools. Unfortunately, the Learning Disability Service Office wasn’t available during our tour.

I don’t know specifically about accommodations at Denison, though here is the link for the support center. I can say that Denison faculty have been incredible for my kid – there is a strong culture of mentorship as that is one of Denison’s core values/priorities – and faculty have been engaged, active, responsive, caring, really, everything you could hope for. Intro classes are usually capped at 25 or 28 students, including Intro levels in the sciences, and intermediate classes are typically 20-25, and upper level classes often capped at 16 or 18. My student has close relationships with several faculty and staff, and has been well supported when he had medical issues disrupt his academics.