Dental Braces

<p>Anyone have dental braces? I got mine in yesterday, and I can't even open my mouth because it hurts so bad. I have them on for two long years.</p>

<p>Haha, you'll get used to them soon.</p>

<p>I had them for three years. It sucked. :(
The pain goes away but returns every time a wire is tightened or a bracket is changed etc. You kind of get used to it and it's so nice once you're done with them and have perfect teeth! :D</p>

<p>I had them when I was younger. Yes, it hurts. (I recommend eating lots of ice cream or getting a shake- no chewing, and the cold may numb your mouth so you can't feel pain. Thats what I always did.) But, trust me, when you get them off, its worth it.</p>

<p>I'm one of the last two sophomores at my school still stuck with them :/ I don't have much for you as far as comfort goes...braces pretty much suck consistently. Sometimes, they're just ugly, and other times they're painful AND ugly.</p>

<p>Depending on how dramatically your dentist tightens them at each appointment, you'll be sore anywhere from a day or two to about a week and a half. You get used to the pain, eventually, and the first time you've had them put in is definitely the worst. At least, it was for me.</p>

<p>the first time you have to deal with the braces scraping all ovr your mouth AND the pain of the teeth being moved......after the first time you only have to deal with the pain of the teeth being moved, though i wouldnt say that component is any less than the first time</p>

<p>I had braces.
It was painful, but I don't regret it :) Eat soft foods, especially during the few days after the monthly visit to your orthodontist. I ate a lot of porridge and oatmeal the days following the visits. The pain will go away later on in the month, and come back again when you have your next appointment. And the wires will tend to cut the insides of your mouth and lips.</p>

<p>I've noticed that cutting of my mouth. How long does it take to build calluses in there?</p>

<p>Oh gosh the good ole days of wearing braces...I had then for 2 of the longest years of my life. Like many have already said, they hurt a lot when you first get them and those scratches that you get are also terrific. My mom got me this numbing cream so whenever I got hit in my mouth she put it on the scratch and I wouldn't feel it anymore. Um, yea you'll get used to having them eventually and it'll feel like there's nothing there anymore but when you get em off its so tremendous. Your teeth will feel sooooo smooth and they'll be all straight and everything. I'm not gonna lie, a lot of people tell me I have really nice teeth and braces are the reason why. Just make sure you brush and floss regularly and don't eat the things the dentist tells you not to eat</p>

<p>I have braces and I am getting them off in less than two weeks! It doesn't hurt as much after the first time when they re-tighten the wire.</p>

<p>Just remember to wear your retainer!</p>

<p>You will probably get canker sores often; it usually goes away in a few days. As a home remedy, I would rub sea salt over them and that tends to speed up the healing process.
After the first few days, you should transition to eating more solid foods like spaghetti, boneless chicken, etc. The more you use your teeth, the better the blood circulation and the less pain you would feel.</p>