Dental school

Hey so i just recently graduated from rutgers university. I am going to apply for dental school but i have some wuestions. First question is that my first 2 years were done at a community college and j ended it with a 4 i then transferred to rutgers university and the first semester was rocky because i still wasnt adapted to the workload needed to succeeed at this school. After that 3.0 semester i boosted to a 3.7 in the second semester at rutgers. In the third semester i took 18 credits with 15 all science classes and so i dropped to a 3.2. This past spring I finished the semester with another 3.7. I ended my time at rutgers with a 3.4 cummulative gpa and 3.2 science gpa. Now given that my gpa at CC was 4 do i factor in that gpa to my 4 year gpa? Do you think i have the numbers to get into dental school?(keep in mind if i fsctor all science classes together from CC and 4 -year as a gpa i have a cumulative science gpa of 3.7 and a cumulative overall gpa of 3.7-3.8)

Are you applying in the current cycle that opened June 1? Are you ready to submit an application within 3 weeks?

What does your pre-health advisor say? Your GPA is a little on the low side, do you have a decent DAT score, great ECs, shadowing?

If you haven’t started your application yet, you are woefully behind and may need to delay to the next cycle. You could apply to a science master’s program to boost your GPA post-grad (show ability to handle higher level science classes) and get some quality time in to preparing a great application.


Try SUNY Buffalo.