Deny WL/Offer Regional campus

I’m an International applicant first of all…So I looked at my Purdue decision and it displayed ‘Deny WL/Offer Regional campus’…I got that I have been denied in West Lafayette campus and have been offered in the regional campuses …I applied for Chemical Engineering major which is not available in any of the Regional Campuses…so what am I supposed to do? Please help me!..Also Let me know if AP Chemistry and AP Calculus AB help…because I will be giving those…

You need to contact the international admissions office at Purdue and find out what this means.

Ask them whether taking the AP exams and getting good scores on those exams will make any difference in the amount of time you would need to spend at the regional campus and the major that you would be able to pursue there.

You need to ask Purdue. However the regional campuses aren’t very good (very commuter, often not well-located). it’s very possible you’d have to take pre-requisites and then apply for your desired major (with a risk of not getting it).
Do you have other choices?

You’ll have to call Purdue but it doesn’t honestly look good for you here. The regional campuses aren’t the best. I don’t really know how AP credit works for internationals, especially if you’d be going to a regional campus (That’s something you’d have to ask someone too) but here’s a list: ( Depending on your scores, you’d be able to get out of certain classes.