DePaul, Dayton, Duquesne?

Does anyone out there know much about these three schools? We live in MA so we really don’t hear much about them. Son is interested in expanding his list beyond local schools. I’ve looked at the websites but its really hard to tell much from them.

He is a junior, B student, got 1100 on his PSAT, and these schools look to be possible targets for him, especially if he can raise his scores a little. He wants midsize to large schools in a city. He is undecided on major but leaning toward history or political science. My husband has a tuition benefit where he works that would make all three affordable. The list for this benefit is rather random but all three of these are on it.

I’m looking for any insight beyond what I can glean from the websites. Thanks in advance.

Dayton doesn’t really compare as a city with Pittsburgh or Chicago, but the University of Dayton has very high student satisfaction. My nephew goes there for Engineering, and it’s a popular Catholic university, especially among Midwestern grads of Catholic high schools

Dayton is nearby and a good school, particularly in various engineering disciplines and for entreprenurship. They emphasize the students being involved in outreach to the community. The area around UD is nice and thriving with eateries. Dayton itself is coming back from losing many manufacturing jobs. PM me if you have specific questions.

We know very happy kids at Dayton. I don’t think of it as urban, the way you would of Chicago or Pittsburgh, but I haven’t spent a lot of time in that area.

Duquesne is a great combination of having a campus right in a city, slightly separated up on a hill. It’s an easy bus or bike ride into Oakland and it’s cultural attractions, plus Pitt and CMU. Major league sports, great restaurants, and a ton of opportunities for internships or jobs in health, banking, tech and industry.

However, Duquesne has had a reputation as a commuter school. A lot of the student body lives in easy driving distance of the school and either commute each day or go home on weekends. I would confirm with admissions if this perception/reputation is still the norm.

I live near Duquesne University. It’s a beautiful campus. Though the area around the campus is known to be quite dangerous. Not a good part of Pittsburgh. I was supposed to attend Duquesne, BUT couldn’t because it’s ridiculously expensive. A degree from Duquesne is admired by many people. It’s a great school

Duquesne is also known as a English and Political Science/history school. Not really known for Science or Math

Thanks for the replies.

Dayton is probably my least favorite from a logistical standpoint. There are no direct flights from Boston which complicates travel back and forth. We’ve had several problems in the past year with fllight issues with my older D and adding a connection can just magnify issues. If it’s really known for engineering, that may be enough to knock it off the list since S has no interest in that.

I’m surprised that Duquesne is known for history and political science since I hadn’t gotten that impression but it is good to hear. I’m concerned about the commuter school rep. I may need to look into that some more.

Duquesne has significant strengths: pharmacy; nursing; education; business and a highly regarded physicians assistant program along with a strong liberal arts department. I know quite a few graduates and faculty. I think you’ll find the science and math offerings to be excellent. Also, at a recent admissions event at another college we were discussing the University of Pittsburgh’s growth, and the consensus was that Duquesne is about ready to “take-off” in name recognition and profile outside the regional area.

We live in RI and my son is in the physician assistant program at Duquesne. He loves Pittsburgh! Plenty of direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh. Many of the students are from Pennsylvania but there are quite a few from NY and Ohio so don’t really think that it’s seen as a commuter school anymore. Really nice campus right in the city.