DePaul Pathways Program?

I applied to DePaul with interest in majoring in Biological Sciences…got accepted a couple of months ago saying that I was accepted to the Pathways Honors program which allows matriculation to Rosalind Franklin medical school after 3 years.

Does anyone know more about this program? Is it guaranteed acceptance to medical school? whats the acceptance rate?

Congratulations on getting into DePaul! I don’t have any information about the honors program at DePaul, but I’ve heard at other colleges that it doesn’t benefit you in any way other than if you want to do more work. Although it may look good if you want to go to medical school. I recently applied and was wondering what your STATs were. Also, did they give good financial aid? I have a 3.7 GPA, 3 letters of recommendation, and some volunteer work. Do you think that will get me in? I didn’t submit my SAT or ACT score because I didn’t think it would do anything to my application.

I looked at the school website and it said that it does NOT guarantee acceptance to medical school since it is so competitive.