DePaul University is a Joke! A Must Read

<p>DePaul University has caused me a lot of stress over the past nine months with their refusal to correct the FX and F grades that I received for withdrawing from a couple of classes due to health problems. They said I did not send in the withdrawal forms, which I did. Then they said I waited too long to inquire about the status of the withdrawals, which I proved wrong with multiple emails dated back over a year. I even showed them an email of me informing an instructor of my intention to drop her class. Still, they are refusing to change the grades. I know they made the mistakes, because too many students have complained on about their mistakes. Plus, two of my instructors tried multiple times to get a grade change on my transcript, but couldn’t at first. They had to submit multiple forms and send emails before the school changed the grade. I have the email proof from them of their struggle to get a grade change on my transcript. I believe that is enough to prove that something is wrong with the school not me. They did not even accept the forms from their own employees so why would they accept my withdrawal forms? Those grades will stop me from going to a decent grad school and attaining a good job. They know am right. Parents do not send your kids to DePaul. The school has a terrible reputation! The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) recently gave DePaul University graduate elementary program an F grade, while the undergraduate elementary program barely managed a C+. In addition, the school DID NOT rank in USNEWS &World Report Top 130 Best National University, but is rank #359 in Forbes Best College rankings. The school also is rank #8 on The Princeton Review list of Not So Great Financial Aid. So do you think this school is worth $30,000 a year? Northern Illinois University (NIU) in-state tuition is under $11,500 a year. The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in-state tuition is just over $13,000 a year. And Southern Illinois (SIU) in-state tuition is just over $10,500 a year. I wish someone would have warned me about DePaul University.</p>

<p>I think it is time to get your parents involved. Schedule a face to face meeting with the registrar.</p>

<p>I know that sometimes these things just can't be fixed. A guy I know scheduled his son for a full load of classes at a community college while the son was out of the country on extended travels. The kid didn't come back in time to start the semester, the dad forgot about it and the kid, of course, had five Fs on his transcript. The guy, a lawyer, knew the community college's general counsel personally. It didn't help. The guy pleaded his case in person before the board of trustees. It didn't help.</p>