DePaul VS UIC (Chicago)

<p>I am currently a student at a community college planning to transfer to a university in 2010 spring semester. I am majoring in accounting (current GPA about 3.4~). </p>

<p>I'm wondering which university is better - basically which will help me get a better job.</p>

<p>The problem I'm having is that if I want to go to DePaul, I'll have to take more courses than I would if I were to go to UIC, but everyone says DePaul is a better college.</p>

<p>The courses I have taken so far that will transfer to DePaul:</p>


<a href=""&gt;


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<p>Everything that isn't listed in red, I have to take which pretty much ends up being like 28 more classes including the major program.</p>

<p>As for UIC:</p>

<p>This is their transfer guide, I have everything done except MAT 143 (Mathematics), MAT 190 (Business Core), and a lab class (Analyzing the Natural World).</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>After I take those 3 classes this fall semester, all I will have left to do at UIC would be the major classes which will end up being 9 or so classes until I am done.</p>

<p>What would you guys recommend that I do? DePaul has trimesters so I can probably get those classes done in 2 years. UIC has fall/spring so probably 1 year.</p>

<p>Is going to DePaul for 1 extra year worth it? Money is not an issue, I'm more interested in which college will help me get a better job.</p>

<p>I appreciate any help,</p>


<p>Also, another question I have is on the second page of the DePaul BS requirements... for accounting major it says the las 4 classes at OE (Open Electives). Since their requirements are:</p>

<p>Liberal Studies Program 80 hours
Commerce Core 70 hours
Major Program (minimum) 26 hours
Open Electives 16 hours
Minimum required hours 192 hours</p>

<p>Does that mean my MAT 140 and HIS 120 get dropped for those 4 classes from the open electives section? or does that mean I can use those 4 classes to count for the major program in addition to open electives?</p>

<p>link to it: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>DePaul University is better than UI-Chicago</p>

<p>I would go to DePaul! For business, it's well connected to Chicago and there are many internships and work-study opportunities. Not to mention, DePaul has the better location/atmosphere overall.</p>

<p>Actually, most people in the Chicago area lump UIC, DePaul, and Loyola into the same category. After your first job, no one cares about what school you went to.
Both schools have decent internship programs. UIC does have the larger program and the main campus is closer to downtown than DePaul's main campus.</p>

<p>I've heard that UIC classes are very big (been told some are even 90+ students)... I think I'm going to stick with Depaul.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help everyone...</p>

<p>Are you kidding?</p>

<p>Uic is far better than depaul. Have you seen depaul's campus?</p>

<p>DePaul's undergrad business school is ranked 40th in the nation, compared to UIC at 105.</p>

<p>Top</a> Undergraduate Business Programs 2010 - BusinessWeek</p>

<p>DePaul is the better choice.</p>

<p>"DePaul University is better than UI-Chicago "</p>

<p>On what grounds? UIC has stellar faculty many of whom are still active researchers. If it was UIUC, Northwestern or U of Chicago -THOSE would be worth the extra cost. Depaul is not worth a penny more than UIC. Save your money.</p>

<p>UIC is regionally known for their finance program. The difference in their ratings is negligible and if you are majoring in accounting then the school does not make a difference (unless it is top five); both are accredited so your grades and 150cr. are all employers care about (trust me, no one at PwC is going to care if you went to UIC vs DePaul or vice versa). </p>

<p>If all else equal, go with the cheaper school</p>

<p>This is my first post actually I saw this and had to say something. If you haven't decided yet hopefully this helps. I just accepted at DePaul over UIC actually because of that. I'm going into their honors accounting program. When I went on a job shadow with school we went to Grant Thornton my friend asked about which school was best. UIC and Loyola their recruiter said was below DePaul. DePaul compared with Big 10 schools and was right up there with UIUC and IU. After hearing that and getting back my scholarships of 17k from DePaul and admission into their honors accounting program it sealed the deal. The campus is awesome it's right in the loop. UIC is by maxwell street. It's no NU or U of C but it is a great school. I'm sure UIC has a good finance program but DePaul's accounting is awesome.</p>

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