DePauw Class of 2024

Anyone else applying to DePauw? My D20 has submitted her application EA. She has not visited yet but if she is accepted, she is hoping to visit this spring.

@twokids2go my DS20 submitted his application EA as well. We did visit this past spring, and would certainly encourage you to do so as well.

My D is applying for English. We visited last weekend and she loved it. Didn’t love the remote location but loved the campus and everything we heard. She got a video from her admissions counselor afterwards saying she should hear in early December so fingers crossed!

We will definitely be visiting before the May 1st deadline if she gets in and it proves to be affordable (ie., gets some merit $). Glad to hear others like it a lot.

I have 2 students at DePauw, a freshman and a sophomore. It has been a good fit for them. Different personalities and both are engaged in the university in their own way. My daughter participated in the Servicio De las Americas summer program and mentioned that she was going to try to be a mentor for this summers program because she has some great ideas on how to make it even a better experience. Plus she gets to spend more time on campus. My daughter also participates in a fall sport. My son is in the Honor Scholar Program. He studies abroad for 8 weeks last summer and is applying for a research grant for a potential summer research project abroad this coming summer.

Happy to answer any questions.

@commonsensical3 - My D20 has applied for the Honor Scholar program. She is debating on applying for the Bonner scholar program as well. Both were recommended to her by her AO at DePauw. She is interested in majoring in Math, Chemistry, or Biochemistry (hasn’t decided) with a minor in Asian studies. Has your son enjoyed the Honor Scholar program?

@commonsensical3. Can you tell us more about the freshman service program? How many students went? How did she hear about it? Do that have to be recommended or can anyone apply? Where did they go?

Also, how do your students find Greek life on campus? Does it overwhelm the social life or are there other things to do? My D isn’t sure yet if she ants to participate but doesn’t mind that it’s there.

@twokids2go Bonner Scholar sounds like a great opportunity, but more demands. My Sophomore son was a better fit for the Honor Scholar Program. He had completed a Senior Project in High School exploring NonProfit Agencies. He has enjoyed his Honor Scholar seminars. He has had some of the best professors and access to some highly interesting and engaging class. This semester is Evolution and Human Nature. The books look very interesting and I cannot wait for him to return home for break so I can read them. Past Seminars were Globalization and the Post American World In the Spring of 2018 and Warfare and Society in the Fall of 2019. You can look through the offerings from pevious semesters in the schedule of classes. These seminars have been his toughest courses. Yet, he managed to maintain a high GPA and was on the Dean’s List both semesters.

He started Mandarin as a freshman and did a little self study in the summer to prepare for the course and had some after school Mandarin for a few semesters in grade school so he knew the sounds. He is now in the advanced Chinese classes and choose to learn both simplified and traditional characters. He took an intensive summer language course in Taiwan that advanced him a full year. He will be going to China in January for a Winter short term course and travel through China with 24 other students. Not all are students studying Chinese. However, his Advisor/Chinese Professor/Asian Studies Department Chair will be leading the course along with one other additional faculty. He has been to China before with a Chinese National friend and the two at age 17 traveled all over China…so it will be nice to return with having some language and his past experience and his knowledge he has gained from his courses. It also may provide him with some inspiration to come up with his Senior Thesis.

The Course Catalog towards the end explains the programs and requirements. There are also a few others available. My daughter has a friend who is in the Management Fellows Program.

Students take 4 courses for the full semesters Fall and Spring. My son liked that DePauw does this vs 5. He was interested in a few schools that ran on the quarter system and took 3 classes for 10 weeks vs his 4 courses over 15 weeks. He felt the 15 weeks was better for acquiring a difficult language. DePauw also has a full week of a Fall Break and a Full Week of a Spring Break. However, if your child plays a sport they may find themselves with only a few days if any for a quick trip home. I hope this information helps.

I should add. He has been placed in the top 4 courses he has requested every semester so far.

@MAmom111 This past summer the group arrived on Campus Sunday June 30th and moved into the dorms. There was a blog created. I will find the link. They provided service in and around DePauw until they left for their service trip to Panama.

It was nice to meet students and get acquainted with the campus and community. They did go to Indianapolis for some fun activities as well. They were well supervised and not as independent as my daughter had thought it would be, but this is a good thing. My daughter was only 17 at the time. I don’t recall the exact number. I believe it is open to 24 students. There were a few peer mentors (4), as well as a Professor and a doctoral student.

My daughter expressed interested in applying to be a peer mentor this summer as she has some ideas to make it even better. She has Camp leadership training. She liked the program that much to give back this summer, too. She speaks Spanish fairly well. She still keeps in contact with many of the participants and a few are in her more intimate daily circle of friends. I think the trip is going to Spain (if I listened to my daughter correctly) and she has been there before.

Finals is this week, so I am not certain how my daughter faired her first semester. She did really like one of her professors and is taking a course with him again this Spring. She also really likes the Athletic director and is taking a Winter Term course with her. So she is making connections.

She bought a Jersey for future Jersey Nights with Greek life. She has attended at least one frat party with a few male friends as her protection. I am not sure if she will participate in Greek Life and join a sorority. Recruitment occurs in January at the beginning of the Spring Semester. She has her team as a base of support as she participates in a fall sport and will have some training in the spring and has training guidelines for the year to follow. Will also be going on an international trip for training this summer in the preseason.

Oops…it was 14 incoming freshman. I can not find the link to the blog. I saved the wrong link. I will let you know when I find it.

@commonsensical3 Thank you so much for all of this info. It is so helpful and it sounds like both of your kids are having a great experience and really taking advantage of so much that this school seems to offer. I also really like the 4 courses a semester. Are they required to take a course in January? Any idea if merit money can go towards study abroad?

Is there anything your kids don’t like about the school or anything they would change if they could? Thanks!!

@MAmom111 Only required to take one January term for the entire 4 years. The cost for most courses is included in the Fall Tuition. The extra costs would be food and travel related. My son didn’t take a January term nor a May/June term. I’m not sure how scholarships would be applied. I would inquire. My kids have not done a semester abroad yet. There are scholarships available. We are not of need, despite this my son received two small scholarships for his Summer program to help defray travel and books. One was from the Honor Scholar Program. My son is paying for his travel for the China trip in January, but he does get 1/2 course credit within is equivalent to 2 credit hours and this is covered with fall tuition. His summer program gave him credit for 2 full courses (8credit hours). If his research project is selected for this summer he is anticipating a grant will cover most expenses.

My daughters Servicio en las Americas program was fully covered by a grant a family setup that sponsors this program each year for 14 incoming selected freshman students, mentors, and faculty.

Good question, I haven’t asked them if they would change anything. Our daughter accepted with the idea she could transfer to another larger LAC she was accepted to if she didn’t like DePauw. Well she is already planning or hoping to spend some of the summer on campus. She will travel abroad in pre-season of her sport to train with her team. Sports has been a wonderful experience. It was a lot of travel for completion but her coach planned the schedule well. She only had to be excused from a few classes because of need to travel. Expenses covered by the school. We did have a very small expense of some practice uniform and team shirts and jacket that she keeps. They got everything at a big discount.

My son has the attitude that college is college and he is there for the courses. He is not the grass is greener type of kid. With his high GPA he could easily transfer to any college he would like, but he is happy with his college decision. He was trying to convince a friend to transfer to the college, but his friend wanted more of a brand name elite college.


Anyone hear from DePauw? DS applied EA. Know that they don’t guarantee notification until January, but saw in years past that they sometimes updated status earlier.

Still waiting here as well. Frustrating as her admissions counselor sent her a video saying she should hear some “good news” in early to mid-December but nothing yet. She keeps getting emails to apply for the honors program, media fellows and the summer Spanish program but still no decision.

Nothing here as well. I saw DePauw reposted a few pictures on Instagram of acceptances but we have gotten nothing. Like @MAmom111 - my daughter continues to get e-mails to apply for the Honors Scholar program (which she had done weeks ago). I had put on my spreadsheet that she could hear as early as 12/13 but no later than 1/15. I would love her to hear next Friday but we are planning on January.

Both of my kids had acceptances in December. I would suspect you will hear from them this week. It does sound favorable with the emails you have received so far. My two are now home on break. Have your senior call admissions or have their counselor call. My daughter had this issue with a different school last year and a call to admissions cleared it up and she learned she was admitted. Check the portal. The snail mail took awhile to reach our mailbox.

DePauw posted on Instagram that decisions would come out this week and to check portals. We really had gotten prepared to wait until January but hoping this brings D20 another acceptance!

@twokids2go. Thanks for the update! Hoping for tomorrow.

My D just checked her portal and she got in! 30k in merit.