DePauw EA Result

I’m an international student. I applied to DePauw and have been accepted with a scholarship of $34,000/year. Considering my average stats, I think this is a good offer. Wondering about the results of you guys.

My stats:
Major: Communication
*SAT: 1340. R+W: 640. M: 700.
*GPA: 8.4/10. Quite low, especially when I go to a highly competitive school. Although in my country a 9.6+ is impossible, most college applicants from my country would expect a 8.7+ for scholarship in a school in top 70.
*Personal essay: wrote in one week, had a Middlebury alumnus proofread the essay. He thought that it was “funny and sad at the same time” but didn’t say if it’s good or bad. It has exactly 650 words, which is the maximum length allowed by common app lol.
*1 rec letter from the counselor and 1 from my literature teacher. The lit. teacher’s letter was impressive but the counselor straightforward wrote that I was not good at natural science subjects (he still recommended me “strongly” though)
*Extracurricular activities:

  • Founder of a cultural club.
  • Create a Facebook page to write and debate social issues
  • Travel blogger
  • Blogger of another site since 9 years old
  • Take street-life photos
  • Write some songs since 8.
  • Book reviewer
  • Class vice-president for 4 years in middle school. I stopped when entering high school to focus on my club and survive academically.
  • Head of public relations department for 2 organizations.
  • Member of my high school’s media club (which I dropped out after my freshman year :D)
  • Volunteer for 2, 3 cultural projects.
  • International gold medalist in creative writing criteria of an environment competition.
  • Several regional awards.
  • Other trivial stuff like I sketch fashion designs and can speak a little German, which I included in the additional information part but didn’t mind showing anything to prove :smiley:

I got email yesterday about my scholarship status and was thrilled to find out that I got a scholarship of $36000/year. I am an international student too.

My stats:
Major: Educational Studies
SAT: 1440 R&W: 660 M:780
GPA: 8.7/10 I was scarred that a downward trend will jeopardize my chance
Personal Essay: Have been working on it since summer. The admission counselor said that he really enjoyed reading my essay my scholarship status email.
Recs: 1 from my counselor, 1 from my literature, and 1 from my Honors English teacher.

ECs: Founder and president of a club, founder of an online campaign, have several leadership positions at some NGOs, and foreign exchanges. (Mainly related to Education)
Awards: Gold Medal Regional Olympiad and other school-level recognition

From your description, I have a funny feeling that you and I are from the same country :))

It is certainly reassuring to hear back from a school this early. Is Depauw your top choice school?

Congrats on your acceptance and the scholarship! Haha I do have the same feeling.

Actually I retook the SAT to increase my chance of getting into higher-tier schools in RD (the result is out tomorrow!!!), but I really like DePauw for its strong communication program, so for now it’s my top choice. I haven’t heard back from 4 other schools that I applied to, except Temple University, which was supposed to be my “safe school” but then they only gave me 5,000/year :))

What about you? Are you applying RD?

I applied to all of my top choice under EA/ED and I already have DePauw under my belt so I probably won’t apply for RD. Just found out this morning that I was rejected from one of my top choice schools. I only took the SAT once because it was just a dreadful test and I got burned out from all the grinidng. I wished I had the courage and the will to take it again and break the 1500 tier tho.

Temple does not give out huge scholarship from what I heard.

Good luck to your SAT! I hope you all the best.

Thanks. I hope you’ll get the good news from your other top choice schools.
Hope to see you someday when we’re both in the US and have landed on our dream school :smiley:

when did you guys apply?

I applied on the 14th of November

I submitted the Common App on November 2nd but only sent financial documents several days before the deadline.