Depauw University RD discussion 2017 (international students)

Hello! Is there anyone else who has applied RD and still hasn’t heard back from DePauw? I’ve applied on 01/17/2016 and also submitted Vera Scholarship application on 02/01 but still haven’t recieved a reply. I have kind of lost my hope and I really like DePauw :frowning:

Same here, I was also waiting for it and didn’t receive any notification till now. I am from Nepal. Where are you from?

From Ethiopia and still haven’t received any notification either.

I am from Croatia:) I even sent an email to admissions about the decisions date but they didn’t respond.

Hey there. Im from Ethiopia as well and I still haven’t heard back from DePauw either. I emailed them twice asking when admission decisions would come out and both time they responded the same way

"Warm greetings from DePauw University! We received your final documents to complete your application on 2/27/17, at that time, your file was put in line to be evaluated. Each application is unique and takes different amounts of time to be evaluated; therefore, there is not a set date for your decision to be released.

Please continue to check your online student portal for the most recent updates concerning your application.

Best wishes!"

I think they would have to give us a response by this month cause we can’t make a decision to attend by May 1st if not

They have rolling admission you can-expect by mid april

I am also from Ethiopia and haven’t heard anything from DePauw? It doesn’t mean we have been rejected right?

@BB1con that’s so cool… I didn’t know a lot of people from Ethiopia even applied and Nooo it doesn’t mean we are rejected at all. I think they would atleast have the deceny to send a rejection letter if we were. I think @Manaiho is right we should be knowing by mid April or the end of May at most, but it really depends when your application reaches the admission team though.

Hello @Ethiopiangirl2000 am glad I met another fellow Ethiopian

Hello @Ethiopiangirl2000 am glad I met another fellow Ethiopian .Where do you learn? Hope your right and yup they should have the deceny to let us know. Is it the first time happening like this?

Hey@BB1con I go to Greek school… What about you?
And based on the responses from last year and before, no it’s not the first time. DePauw often give late responses depending when they receive your application.

Hey @Ethiopiangirl2000 I go to Saint Joseph school.
Really? that’s a good thing if it happened before and I hope the late response be an acceptance for all of us here.

Did anyone get a response?

Nothing here

Any news yet guys? It’s already the 15th now!

I’ve been waitlisted:( You guys??