Depauw vs Bard college for CS

Hi, I got accepted to both Depauw University and Bard College but I don’t know if which school suit me better. I’m going to study Computer Science.
Can you give me some advice about both schools?
FA: Bard College - Contribution: 23k
Depauw University - Contribution: 27k (with 3k loan)

Neither of my kids go to these schools but they applied and we have visited both. Very different feels between the campuses and schools. Bard is known for a bit more “quirky” students - and tend very much toward the liberal side of the spectrum. Bard is also known for more “artsy” majors including theater, photography, etc. Very good English and Literature departments.

Both schools have either a conservatory or School of Music so music will be prominent on both campuses - Bard’s Conservatory is a lot smaller and more selective than DePauw’s, however. DePauw’s performance spaces were fantastic; Bard’s is also very prominent but a bit of a walk from the main part of the campus (Bard’s campus is very spread out over woodsy acres). Thought I would mention if that if music was at all important to you.

We toured the Science building at DePauw where CS is located - very new facility and it seems they have A LOT of majors so I would think that would be a good sign for someone contemplating that major. Bard’s science building (at least where Chemistry and Biology were located) was new and gorgeous as well - seems they are trying to make a push to have science more prominent on campus.

My advice would be to get in touch with both department heads and focus questions around internship opportunities and outcomes for graduates.

Good luck!

My son attends DePauw and I must say it is outstanding. In addition to a great CS department, there is a program called ITAP where students work (and get paid) at the University in computer science-related roles. My son is also a Management Fellow there where he is learning about business (hearing speakers, learning skills, prepping for internships, etc.). We love it there.