Dependent of partially disabled veteran entitled to anything?


Does anyone know if my son is entitled to any educational aid?

He’s a son of a veteran who served during time of war (but not actually overseas fighting in combat). His father was injured while performing duty such that he became certified as partially disabled by the army and was discharged for medical reasons. His father has since been retrained by the VA and will be receiving some operations from this injury next month which will put him out of work of his hourly wage job that doesn’t have sick leave.

Other than the general financial aid related to the general financial picture of being out of work, medical bills, etc … does anyone know of anything specific to being a dependent of a veteran?

Thanks for any help.

My son isn’t old enough to be going to college and receiving aid because of me (or my wife), or else I could give you more insight on this topic. I just googled “military children scholarships” and a whole list of searches came up. That would be a good place to start. After that, I would say you should reach out to the VA. Maybe they have programs for Veterans receiving Disability pay (whether combat related or not). If they don’t specifically have any programs, maybe they can refer you somewhere that can help (for that, I googled “va educational aid for dependents” or call the VA 1-888-442-4551)

I will definitely be pushing my son to use some of the programs out there.

Hope this helps.

Does the father have any GI Bill (Montgomery or Post 9/11) remaining? If so, that can be transferred to your son and is an excellent program (it put me through college.)

If you live near a base, call the education center and see if they can help you over the phone.