Depoist to Stanford and then applying elsewhere?

<p>My friend, who got accepted into Stanford SCEA, has already submitted applications to other schools prior to December 12th. As Stanford is his first choice, he made the 160 dollar deposit almost immediately. He is curious about whether or not getting accepted into the other schools will cause his offer of admission to Stanford to be withdraw. </p>

<p>I assured him that it would not since Stanford states:</p>

<p>Stanford reserves the right to withdraw your off of admission if: (1) ... (5) you are holding a place, past May 1st, in the freshman class of a college or university other than Stanford.</p>

<p>Can someone check me on this? Thanks.</p>

<p>Of course your friend can apply to other places... RD is not like any type of binding early decision, getting into a school regular decision allows complete freedom. Whether what your friend is doing is moral or not is another question, as he could very well be taking another applicants spot from his school (it has little or no effect on applicants at large). The only thing that would cause his admission to Stanford to be revoked would be if he got into another school and enrolled there as well, in which case both admissions would be revoked.</p>

<p>Stanford will not withdraw his offer - he is entitled to apply RD wherever he wants.</p>

<p>That said, if he is sure that he wants to go to Stanford - so much so, that he already sent his deposit, it would be nice of him to withdraw his other apps, so he won't hold a space of someone who wants to go there (it's not fun to be placed on waitlist...)</p>